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      Cherokee is a private investor, in real estate and related debt.

      This web site is the central Internet gateway to our various business operations. To learn more about us, please click here.

      Whether you came here via an Internet search, or you’re interested in our company specifically, we hope this web site provides the information you’re looking for. If not, please contact us.

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      About Us & What We Do

      About Us



      We are“value”investors. We buy“workout”portfolios of non-performing mortgages and tax liens nationally, and distressed real estate regionally. We specialize in old“charged off”portfolios. We do not work with credit card debt.

      Cherokee is a group of inter-related operations. This web site provides an introduction to our“group”, and explains how we can help you. This web site is also a“gateway”to the web sites associated with the different aspects of Cherokee’s business. These web sites will give you focused information related to your specific interests.

      Cherokee’s business units represent the steps involved in the asset recovery business. Locating prospective assets is done by Cherokee Equities. Evaluating prospective assets is done by Cherokee Resolutions. Upon acquisition, the assets are recovered, renovated and managed by Cherokee Realty (real estate) or Cherokee Financial (mortgages).

      We are explorers, researchers, detectives, analysts, investors, managers, servicers, builders, landlords, community developers, social workers, and much more. We are resourceful, tenacious, patient …and successful.

      Cherokee Operating Units

      Cherokee Equities locates and acquires Non-Performing Assets

      CEL is a “forensic asset recovery” value investor, and our primary acquisition unit. We buy under-performing and charged-off real estate, secured loans, tax liens, judgments, and other distressed financial assets such as contract rights and patents, nationally.

      We close quickly. We’ll structure a deal to meet your objectives, whether that’s a quick cash closing, or a participating workout. We’re discrete, reliable, capable and responsive.

      Cherokee Realty is a real estate investor/developer of commercial and residential real estate

      CRP is a real estate investor. We own and operate residential and commercial rental properties in the Northeast United States. We only purchase distress situations, such as contamination, legal disputes, foreclosures, bankruptcies, title problems, and other serious defects.

      We patiently and responsibly “repair” the problems. CRP takes properties that were dilapidated and dangerous, and we restore them to attractive, productive, tax-paying status. We’ve won awards for our community development achievements.

      To learn how YOU would benefit from Cherokee’s ownership of properties in your community, please click here to visit www.CherokeeRealtyPartners.com

      Cherokee Resolutions is our in-house investigative unit, also available to law enforcement and others.

      CRI is our in-house investigative unit. CRI serves other Cherokee units, but it’s also available, on a consulting basis, to other asset recovery firms (usually anonymously), owners of non-performing assets, institutions and servicers, law enforcement, law firms, auditors, and rating agencies.

      The CRI team is comprised of experienced land title investigators, former FBI agents and prosecutors, criminal and financial crimes investigators, forensic accountants, real estate appraisers, building contractors, and environmental abatement experts. So whatever it takes to investigate, analyze, recover and rehabilitate an asset, we probably have the skills at hand, and we’ve probably “been there, done that”.

      To learn how this crack team can help YOU maximize the recovery from your Non-Performing Assets, click here to visit www.CherokeeResolutions.com

      Cherokee Financial owns and services mortgages and debts

      CFL buys and services old, “charged off” mortgage loan portfolios, nationally. We help banks dispose of bad loans, and we help borrowers resolve debts. We’re principal investors, not brokers. We aggressively service our loans.

      To learn more, please visit www.CherokeeFinancial.net

      If You Have Non Performing Assets

      If You Have Non-Performing Assets

      Technically, any “thing” that belongs to you, that is not doing what it is supposed to do, is a “non-performing” asset (“NPA”). So if an asset “performs”, it’s doing what’s expected.

      A simple analogy is Kindergarten. You lend someone your crayon, but they can’t or won’t give it back. They broke their promise. They did not “perform”.

      Sell Your Non-Performing Asset

      The owner or manager of NPA may decide it’s better to sell the assets for the “best price” possible, to avoid the risks, distractions and expenses of the enforcement process.

      Cherokee Equities buys NPA, for our own account. We are investors, not brokers. We are discrete, capable, reliable and responsive. Our specialty is acquisition of old, charged-off loan portfolios, contaminated properties, and tax lien portfolios. We do not buy recently defaulted mortgages, and we do not buy credit card debt.

      Recovering Your Non-Performing Asset

      If you’re interested in having professionals evaluate your situation, and potentially help you collect as much as possible, Cherokee Resolutions may be a candidate you should consider.

      On the other hand if you’re interested in selling the assets and avoiding any further expenses or risks, then Cherokee Equities may be an option for you.

      Our Real Estate and Community Development

      Our Real Estate and Community Development

      Cherokee Realty owns and operates residential and commercial investment real estate.

      Most of our properties were previously abandoned, blighted and even contaminated. They housed vermin and vandals. Cherokee renovates such properties, and then manages them long term as income-producing investments.

      Cherokee is more than just a real estate investor. We are a community development company. Our definition of success is helping people and improving communities, in the course of earning a fair profit. Cherokee will be a responsible and responsive landlord if we become involved in your community. We’re a good corporate citizen. It’s just good business.

      Obviously we’re concerned about the devastation that losing a home has on individual families. But we’re equally concerned about the social and economic damage on the surrounding families, and their properties and communities. Mitigating this larger contagion is the focus of Cherokee’s community development initiatives, seeking to bolster "at risk" communities.

      We offer this sample of useful community development content:

      Who Gets Hurt by Foreclosures? Most directly, the millions of people losing their homes, including many who took out subprime loans. BUT millions of other families, who are paying their mortgages on time, will also be hurt by declines in property values spurred by nearby foreclosures and a weaker housing market. See "Can the Mortgage Crisis Swallow a Town?", an article published in the New York Times on September 2, 2007 at http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/02/business/yourmoney/02village.html

      Vacant Properties: Data presented in this report shows that vacant properties are an expense that local governments simply cannot afford. The report summarizes the many costs that vacant properties impose upon communities and highlights ways communities are finding to bring vitality back to once blighted neighborhoods. (August 2005, 24 pages, 613 KB) http://www.lisc.org/content/publications/detail/792

      Collateral Damage: The Municipal Impact of Today’s Mortgage Foreclosure Boom (May 2005, 26 pages PDF, 245 KB) http://www.nw.org/network/neighborworksprogs/foreclosuresolutions/documents/Apgar-DudaStudyFinal.pdf

      To learn more about our community development activities, and how Cherokee's acquisition of properties, mortgages or tax liens can help your community or organization, please contact Jay Wolfkind, our Acquisition Director, toll-free at (800) 543-0201, or see the main community development page on the Cherokee Realty website

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